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Located on the Hunewill Ranch right here in the Bridgeport valley. This 4 acre pond is located about 4 miles southwest of Bridgeport on the way to Twin Lakes. It is situated on the Hunewill Guest Ranch with beautiful ranch and mountain scenery in every direction. The pond is catch and release fly fishing only with barbless hooks. Float tubing is also required so the riparian areas around the pond are not damaged. Thanks to these restrictions the pond is able to maintain a very large population of great browns and rainbows. Anglers are limited to 4 per day, so if you're looking for some solitude and a bunch of hard fighting fish, this could be your place. The Hunewill Ranch has an aquaculture license for the pond and this enables anglers to fish the pond year round with no fishing license.

Ken's Sporting Goods is the booking agent for the ranch. If you are interested, please contact them directly for availability or we can check for you.

Ken's Sporting Goods


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