2/13/20:  The river continues to run at the normal winter flow of 20 cfs.  With the cold water and low flows you'll find the fish stacked in the deep pools and slots.  This time of year the fly selection becomes easy with midges and BWO's the only active insects available to the trout.  You can also get fish on streamers and worm/egg imitations.  Dry fly action is possible with midges and BWO's during the warmest part of the day. Some excellent fishing is just around the corner as the days get longer and the weather begins to warm!

RECOMMENDED FLIES:  Glo Bug 14-16, Beads 6-8mm, Squirmy Wormy 10-12, W.D.'s 20-22, Juju Midge 18-22, Deep Blue Poison Tung 18-22, Silver Streak 18-20, Rainbow Warrior 18-20, Soft Hackle Biot Midge 18-22, Darth Baetis 18-20, English P.T. 18-20, JuJu Baetis 18-20, Mercer's Poxy Baetis 18-20, Griffith's Gnat 16-22, Sprout Midge 18-24, Tim's Midge 18-24, Para Adams 16-18, Thorax Dun 16-18, Sparkle Dun 16-18, Sculpzilla 6-10, MOAL 6-10, Zuddler 6-12.



2/13/20:  Same as upper river.




2/13/20: Fishing on the pond is frozen over for the season. We'll see you out there this Spring!




2/13/20:  Hot Creek is a great place to fish in the winter especially when you can drive right to the river.  The best fishing is late morning through early afternoon when the BWO's are active.  The hatch only lasts for about an hour with the sunny weather we've been experiencing for the last month but it gets plenty of fish looking up.  Cloudy days can be exceptional!  The trout are also eating midges and even a few early caddis.  

RECOMMENDED FLIES:  W.D.'s 18-22, Juju Midge 18-22, Juju Baetis 16-18, BTS 16-18, CDC Baetis Emerger 16-18, Loopwing Baetis Emerger 16-18, Sprout Midge 18-22, Griffith's Gnat 16-20, Parachute Caddis 18-20, Hot Creek Caddis 18-20, Missing Link 18-20, BWO Sparkle Dun 16-18, Bivisible Dun 16-18, Parachute Adams 16-18.


2/13/20:  The road is closed for the season.



2/13/20:  The Upper river is fishing well with plenty of lake fish still in the system.  Try fishing nymphs and streamers for shots at some of the bigger fish and be sure to cover lots of water.  Access is great thanks to the lack of snow so far this winter and most of the roads are open and dry.  Some of the best fishing of the year is only a few weeks away when our spring caddis hatch brings huge rainbows to feed on the surface.  We can't wait!

RECOMMENDED FLIES:   Squirmy Wormy 10-12, Beads 6mm-8mm, Glo Bug 14-16, Micro Mayfly 16-20, Bird's Nest 16-20, Juju Baetis, 16-18, W.D.'s 18-20, Deep Blue Poison Tung 18-20, Juju Midge 18-20, Silver Streak 18-20, Parachute Adams 16-18, Sparkle Dun 16-18, Griffith's Gnat 16-20, Sprout Midge 18-22, Meat Whistle 6-8, Double Bunny 6-8.


2/13/20:  The lower river is fishing great right now and will only get better over the next month or two.  The fish are mostly eating midges and BWO's with a few caddis mixed in.  The water is still cold coming out of P.V.R. so most fish are stacked in the pools and slow sections but a few trout are moving into the riffles just prior to the BWO hatch.  The hatch doesn't last very long so be sure to be ready with an extra rod rigged with a dry when it does happen. 

RECOMMENDED FLIES:  Deep Blue Poison Tung 18-20, Rainbow Warrior 14-18, Disco Midge 18-20, Juju Midge 18-22, W.D's 18-22, Zebra Midge 18-22, BTS 16-18, Radiation Baetis 16-18, Micro Mayfly 16-18, CDC Loopwing Emerger 16-18, Para Adams 16-18, Sparkle Dun 16-18, Thorax Dun 16-18.

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