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4/29/24:  Well, this season's California opener was one for the record books.  We hope you were able to come up and experience the fantastic fishing to be had on our favorite river.  Nymphing, streamers and dries, it was all anyone could ask for!  It seems like most of the rainbows that got flushed into the river last year were able to survive the winter and are now spread throughout the upper 3 miles.  If you are looking to target the browns your best bet will be to head down below the bridge or better yet, pick up a Nevada license and try fishing across the border.  Midges, BWO's, caddis and stoneflies continue to be the main bugs with a few of our small craneflies becoming active as well.  The river is running a healthy 260 cfs so most of the upper river is in great shape.  The river below Murphy Pond is tough sledding until you get to the Sceirine Ranch which is fishing great.  Early May through June is typically a great time to fish the E Dub so don't wait too long visit.

RECOMMENDED FLIES:  BP Weiss Nymph 18-20, Frenchie 16-20, Perdigons 16-20, Jigged Magic 16-18, GTI Caddis 12-16, Sexy Walt 12-16, WD's 18-22, Top Secret Midge 18-22, Mercury Black Beauty 18-20, Rainbow Warrior 16-20, Squirmy Wormy 10-12, Juju Baetis 18-20, Micro Mayfly 18-20, Barr's BWO Emerger 18-20, CDC Loopwing Emerger 18-20, Poxyback Baetis 18-20, Slim Shady 18-20, Mercer's Tungsten Skwala 10-12, Poxyback Stone 10-12, Rubberleg 6-10, Sprout Midge 18-22, Griffith's Gnat 18-20, Para Adams 16-20, Sparkle Dun 16-20, BWO Thorax Dun 16-20, CDC BWO Dun 16-20, Stimulator 10-12, Designated Hitter 10-12, Chubby Chernobyl 8-10, Rogue Foam Stone 8-10, MOAL 8-10, Sculpzilla 6-8, Zuddler 6, Mini Dungeon 6, Baby Gonga 8, Dirty Hippy 4.



4/29/24:  Fishing on the creek is good although mostly for small fish.  The ospreys have returned this spring and the fish are a bit skittish.  Midges, BWO's and caddis are the main hatches but don't forget to imitate worms and scuds this time of year especially if we get a bump in flows.

RECOMMENDED FLIES:  Thread Frenchy 16-20, Perdigons 18-20, BP Weiss Nymph 18-20, Jigged Magic 16-18, Scuds 14-18, Squirmy Wormy 10-12, Zebra Midge 18-22, WD's 20-22, Brassie 18-22, Cardinal Midge 20-22, Graphic Caddis 18-22, Pearl Caddis 18-20, Z Wing Caddis 16-20, Micro Mayfly 18-20, JuJu Baetis 18-20, Galloup's BWO 18-20, Poxyback Baetis 18-20, Loopwing Emerger 18-20, CDC Baetis Emerger 18-20, Sprout Midge 18-22, Harrop's Transitional Midge 18-22, Griffith's Gnat 16-20, BWO Sparkle Dun 18-20, Brook's CDC BWO 18-20, Para Adams 18-20, Sprout BWO 18-20, E/C Caddis 18-22, X Caddis 18-22, Parachute Caddis 18-22.


4/15/24:  Reds Meadow Road is closed until summer.  Unfortunately, it looks like last season will repeat itself and the road down to the river will only be open on weekends and holidays.  Most of the campgrounds will be closed this summer so access will be further limited.  For the most up-to-date information on the Reds Meadow Reconstruction Project, including campground and road access information, click here.


5/8/24:  Some cutthroat have moved into the system but they're not quite spawning yet and the egg bite has yet to go off.  Most of the fish are singles and not very interested in eating anything.  Over the next few weeks we should see more and more fish digging redds and the resulting smorgasbord of high protein food should get the non spawning fish in a feeding frenzy.  As always, please avoid targeting actively spawning fish and focus on the buckets and pools downstream of the spawners.  Another consideration is to watch where you cross the river and try to stay off the redds. Those shallow riffles that make for easy wading is the exact same water the trout look for when picking a spot to spawn.

RECOMMENDED FLIES: San Juan Worm 10-12, Squirmy Wormy 10-12, Glo Bug 14-16, Beads 6-8mm, Zebra Midge 18-20, Deep Blue Poison Tung 18-22, Brassie 18-20, Disco Midge 18-20, Micro Mayfly 18-20, Juju Baetis 18-20, Galloup's BWO 18-22, Barr's BWO Emerger 18-20, Fox's Poopah 16-20, Graphic Caddis 18-20, Pearl Caddis 16-20, Griffiths Gnat 16-20, Sprout Midge 18-22, Para Adams 18-20, Sparkle Dun 18-20, X Caddis 18-20, E/C Caddis 18-20, Elk Hair Caddis 18-20, Zuddler 6-8, Home Invader 6-8, Gonga 6-8, Mini Dungeon 8.



5/8/24:  Flows on the lower river have cranked up to over 525 cfs which makes wading difficult if not impossible.  With all the other options out there we would recommend fishing somewhere else.  We'll see you down there this fall!

RECOMMENDED FLIES:   Frenchy 16-18, Perdigons 16-20, Jigged Magic 16-18, Rainbow Warrior 18-20, W.D's 18-22, Zebra Midge 18-22, Silver Streak 18-20, Little Yellow Stone 14-16, Poxyback Stone 14-16, Barr's BWO Emerger 18-20, Darth Baetis 18-20, Micro Mayfly 18-20, Mercer's Poxyback Baetis 18-20, Juju Baetis 18-20, Galloup's BWO 18-20, Graphic Caddis 16-18, Fox's Poopah 16-18, Sparkle Pupa 16-20, Sprout Midge 18-22, Griffith's Gnat 16-20, Sprout BWO 18-20, BWO Sparkle Dun 18-20, Lawson's BWO Thorax Dun 18-20, Para Adams 18-22, Iris Caddis 16-20, E/C Caddis 16-20, X Caddis 16-20, Lawson Little Yellow Sally 14-16, Headlight Yellow Sally 14-16.

Walker River Outfitters operates under permit with the Inyo National Forest.
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